Training & Workshops

Discover our comprehensive selection of short, interactive courses designed to give you and your team a significant productivity advantage.  Our training programs cover a wide array of topics, from mastering applications and email management to efficiently navigating various devices and embracing paperless systems.

When it comes to choosing the right workshop, we understand the importance of selecting a course that matches your skill level. Feel free to give us a call and discuss your options. It’s crucial to attend a workshop that suits your proficiency; there’s no need to delve into Advanced Excel if you’re new to the software.

We encourage participants to bring their preferred devices, whether it’s a Macbook, laptop, iPad, or tablet. Being comfortable with the tools you use daily enhances the learning experience, ensuring that you can seamlessly apply your newfound skills in your day-to-day tasks.

In addition to our standard courses, we offer customized workshops tailored to your specific needs. We understand that one size doesn’t fit all, so we collaborate with you to create a workshop that covers the exact information necessary to accomplish your goals. Whether you need a mix of topics, a tailored curriculum, or a workshop built from scratch, we’ve got you covered.

For a detailed overview of the content covered in each course, please refer to the course outlines below. Join us for engaging, hands-on training sessions that not only enhance your skills but also make learning a fun and enjoyable experience. 

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Training Courses

Microsoft Excel

Whether you’re a beginner looking to learn the basics, or an advanced user seeking to enhance your skills, we have courses tailored to meet your needs.

Microsoft Excel – Level One

Microsoft Excel – Level Two

Microsoft Excel – Advanced

Microsoft Excel – Beyond the basics

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One of the key reasons why Excel is indispensable for small business owners is its ability to streamline various tasks. Whether it’s managing finances, tracking sales, analysing data, or creating insightful reports, Excel offers a wide range of functionalities.

By attending Excel training, business owners can learn how to harness these capabilities effectively, enabling them to make data-driven decisions. In the rapidly evolving digital landscape, businesses that can interpret data accurately are better positioned to adapt to market trends and customer preferences, thereby gaining a competitive edge.

With Excel training held locally in the Blue Mountains, you can minimise travel time and attend smaller sessions to make the most of your time.

Microsoft Powerpoint

Our fun PowerPoint training courses are designed to help you create engaging and dynamic presentations that capture and hold the attention of their audience.

Microsoft Powerpoint – Introduction

Microsoft Powerpoint – Advanced

Powerful Presentations

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Mastering Microsoft PowerPoint can transform ordinary presentations into compelling, impactful tools that not only captivate audiences but also have the potential to generate more business.

Through specialised training, individuals can learn to create visually appealing slides, incorporate multimedia elements, and structure content effectively.

Training in PowerPoint equips presenters with the skills to craft engaging narratives, ensuring that the audience remains attentive and receptive. Moreover, learning to use PowerPoint’s advanced features such as animations, transitions, and interactive elements can elevate presentations to a professional level, leaving a lasting impression on clients and partners. A well-designed presentation not only conveys information clearly but also showcases the professionalism and expertise of the business owner.

Microsoft Outlook

Our Outlook sessions are designed to help individuals and businesses of all levels manage their emails, schedule, and tasks with efficiency and effectiveness using the built-in tools available.

Microsoft Outlook – Introduction

Microsoft Outlook – Advanced

Microsoft Outlook – Taking Control

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Becoming proficient in Microsoft Outlook is crucial for small businesses as it facilitates efficient communication, organisation, and time management.

Outlook serves as a centralised hub for emails, calendars, and contacts, allowing business owners to stay connected with clients, partners, and team members seamlessly. Its robust features, such as scheduling appointments, setting reminders, and categorising emails, enable users to prioritise tasks and maintain a structured workflow.

Proficiency in Outlook ensures timely responses, enhances productivity, and fosters professional communication, all of which are essential for the smooth functioning and growth of small businesses in today’s competitive landscape.

Microsoft Word

Our Microsoft Word training courses are designed to help individuals and businesses of all levels become proficient in this essential word processing tool.

Microsoft Word – Introduction

Microsoft Word – Intermediate

Microsoft Word – Advanced

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Becoming proficient in Microsoft Word is a valuable skill for anyone in today’s digital age, whether you are a student, professional, or entrepreneur. Proficiency in Word can greatly enhance your productivity and efficiency in creating documents, such as resumes, reports, proposals, and presentations.

With advanced knowledge of Microsoft Word, you can take advantage of features such as styles, templates, tables, and formatting options to create professional-grade documents that reflect your personal or brand identity. Moreover, being proficient in Microsoft Word can also improve your communication and collaboration skills, as you can easily share, edit, and co-author documents with others, in real-time, on any device or platform.





Our Canva training courses are designed to help you create professional designs and visual content for online, print, and presentations whilst learning about design principles.

Canva Fundamentals

Mastering Canva Advanced Features

Designing presentation with Canva

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Canva, with its user-friendly interface and versatile design capabilities, stands out as a fabulous tool for small businesses aiming to enhance their online presence and marketing efforts.

Learning how to use Canva effectively can be a game-changer, enabling you to create stunning visual content without the need for extensive design skills or hiring expensive professionals. Small businesses can design eye-catching social media posts, engaging infographics, professional-looking flyers, and compelling marketing materials effortlessly, all of which are crucial for building brand awareness and attracting customers in the digital age.

Canva offers a wide array of customisable templates, high-quality images, and creative elements that allow businesses to showcase their products or services in a visually appealing manner, ensuring they leave a memorable impression on their audience.

By investing time in learning Canva, businesses can save valuable resources, maintain a consistent and professional brand image, and effectively communicate their message to their target audience. This tool empowers small businesses to compete in the online market space, making it an invaluable asset for any venture.

Microsoft OneNote

The OneNote workshop is designed to help you capture, organise, and share ideas, notes, and information across multiple devices and platforms with ease and flexibility.

Microsoft OneNote – Introduction

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Microsoft OneNote, a digital note-taking application, boasts a range of features that can significantly enhance productivity for small business owners. OneNote allows users to capture and organise ideas, meeting notes, to-do lists, and other important information in a flexible and intuitive manner.

Its structured notebooks, sections, and pages make it easy to categorise and retrieve information swiftly. The application also supports multimedia elements, enabling users to incorporate text, images, audio recordings, and even handwritten notes, creating dynamic and engaging content.

OneNote’s collaborative features facilitate seamless sharing and real-time editing, making it an ideal tool for team collaboration and brainstorming sessions.

Furthermore, its integration with other Microsoft Office applications like Word, Excel, and Outlook allows for smooth data exchange, enhancing workflow efficiency. By centralising information and fostering collaboration, OneNote streamlines communication and project management, ultimately improving productivity for small business owners and their teams.