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So surprisingly when the alarm went off at 5.55am this morning I woke up straight away, leaned over and grabbed my laptop and was raring to go for day 2 of the Social Media Success Summit. If we’ve never met I need to share with you that mornings are not my thing. At all. I hate them with a passion.

My enthusiasm may be due to the fact that today was focused on one of my favourite topics – visuals. I am a sucker for a lovely graphic, a well designed layout and have been known to spend time browsing through 1001fonts.com in my downtime. Not cause I need to either.

Today we kicked off at 6am with How to Create a Visual Style Guide for Your Social Media Images by Peg Fitzpatrick (@PegFitzpatrick). Peg was again cursed by first cab off the rank crappy sound issues and had to ring back in at one stage. This was a shame as the content was great and focussed on creating your brand, where to spend money and not be a cheapskate, and showcased a great collection of tools. I loved the idea of creating a mood board to help define the feel of a brand and everything including colours, fonts and photos. We also got our first look at Canva for the day – this is obviously the queen of the tools at the moment.

We then got a lesson in How to Visually Promote Your Content to Increase Your Shares and Traffic presented by Rebekah Radice (@RebekahRadice). This incredibly slick and beautiful presentation focussed on having a consistent message and brand across all platforms. I loved the emphasis on colour and how important it is to pick your palette and stick to it religiously.Donna Moritz

So up until this point I was having a great time, taking notes, just generally enjoying myself. And then Donna Moritz from Socially Sorted happened into my life.

I am not the type to get all fangirly but how have I not heard of this fabulous woman before? Australian, energetic, visual guru and one of the best presenters I have heard. I am now stalking her in all available ways and am potentially booking flights to Queensland as we speak.

Donna Moritz (@SociallySorted) presented a tools based talk with 10 Visual Imaging Tools That Create Killer Social Media Images. I do loves me some online tools. Her message is that we do not need to be designers to create fantastic visuals. We have at our fingertips the greatest collection of tools that enable us to share our message, sell our product, promote our cause or ourselves. Canva made an appearance but so did WordSwag, Relay, Typorama and more. I especially liked the inclusion of video based tools as this is an area I need to experiment with more.

5 takeaways graphic

To share what I am learning and to embed the best ideas in this very tired little brain of mine, I have decided to blog each day about that mornings sessions and hereby present to you my top 5 takeaways.




[box type=”bio”] Consistent branding is key to making an impact on Social Media. One of the questions asked at the end of the presentation today was “How often do you change your brand?” and Phil from Social Media Examiner said they had not ever changed theirs. I think we often believe we need to change things and keep them fresh but consistency seems to be the key.[/box][box type=”bio”] Spend money on your logo and getting your colour palette right. Even if you are starting off and have a very limited budget, getting this right is imperative to building your brand.[/box][box type=”bio”] You do not have to be a designer to create amazing and impactful visuals. All three presenters this morning mentioned different tools that you can use to take your logo, brand and some key images and create something amazing. Canva has been around for a while but Canva for work is, as my new guru Donna says, a game changer. With the ability to enter your brand colours, fonts and logos and then use these to create consistent visuals there is no limit to what you can do. [/box][box type=”bio”] Design School for Canva is a fabulous way to spend a few minutes of downtime. There are blog posts, tutorials and teaching materials available to help us wanna-be designers. [/box][box type=”bio”] Sticking my head in the sand and ignoring video is not a great method. I have been a lover of photography forever and grew up in a family where we did not video anything. Ever. I have often joked that none of us can become famous because This is your Life will have no archive footage to show. This has translated into me never using the video function of my camera, devices, phones etc but the time has come for this to change. I do apologise to friends and family as you are to become my guinea pigs. Once I have some great footage, I am looking forward to using Videolicious, Videohance and Hyperlapse to make them rockingly awesome.[/box]