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When you are working for yourself it is incredibly easy to rest on your laurels and never attempt to learn anything new – particularly when there is so much else to do. More and more I am realising that you need to give yourself permission to learn and invest in yourself.

With this in mind, I enrolled in the Social Media Success Summit – an online conference held throughout October and coordinated by the fabulous folk over at Social Media Examiner. The format is inspired – 3 x 45 minute sessions a day across 3 days a week. This is repeated throughout October for a total of 36 sessions. I am sure if you attempted to attend that many sessons face-to-face you would hit overload fairly quickly but this allows you time to reflect, learn, read and put a few ideas into practice.

Session One was presented by Mari Smith (@marismith) – How to Create a Facebook Content Plan that Maximizes Your News Feed Exposure. The first session at any conference is always the one to test out the technology and this one did not disappoint. Glitchy sound, dropouts and slide lags were the order of the day but there were some delicious bits of nuggety goodness in the bits I could hear.

Following up at the slightly more convenient hour of 7am (AEST) was Amy Porterfield (@AmyPorterfield) with How to Use Facebook Video Ads to Sell Your Products and Promote Your Content. This one scared me. A lot. Whilst the gist of the session was that you can create lovely, long and rambling video ads to engage your clients (which is awesome) I couldn’t get past the tracking and behind the scenes stuff which I logically know is happening but it still kinda freaks me out. There were still some incredible information shared and a lot of things I now need to investigate.

And lastly, Jon Loomer (@jonloomer) and How to Drive Tons of Traffic by Building a Facebook Page Around a Passion. This session provided some great ideas – namely that creating a Facebook page about a passion will often garner a greater following than if you went straight into creating a page for your brand. An example he gave was Darren Rowse (@problogger) who has created the page “Do you love photography?” which has 89,000 followers. He could then monetise this following by sharing information and posts from his business page which is “Digital Photography School” and potentially reach people who were unaware of who he was. This page has almost 800,000 followers so you know, not doing too bad.


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To share what I am learning and to embed the best ideas in this very tired little brain of mine, I have decided to blog each day about that mornings sessions and hereby present to you my top 5 takeaways.




[box type=”bio”] Whether you are creating a pictorial or a video ad for Facebook – always start with a “Yes” question. This is basically a question that the majority of the people you want to reach will answer yes to. This engages them immediately and encourages them to keep reading or watching. [/box][box type=”bio”] Video is taking the lead – especially on mobile devices. There are 4 bilion video views a day and over 75% of these are on mobiles. Now whilst this sorta sucks for me and my crappy home internet connection, this is great news for those of you who want to create catchy video content to share with your tribe. Video ads, video content – it is all being watched and is currently generating greater organic reach for Facebook pages across the globe.[/box][box type=”bio”] I’ve heard it before but it is worth reiterating that posts generated and shared using the native Facebook apps seem to get greater engagement than those created with third-party apps. Many people have tested this and the results are widely varied but I would suggest that using the native apps is worthwhile when it does the job. Use third-party apps when they are going to do it better.[/box][box type=”bio”] Organic reach is at an all-time low and it tipped to get lower. Combine this with trying to build a brand page from the ground up and you could find yourself with a massive mountain to climb. A suggested solution to this is to create a “passion page” that you post to and promote alongside your brand page. In my situation, AMK Training and Consulting is not the catchiest of page titles – particularly to people who don’t know me or what I do but this is the brand I am trying to promote. If I create, for example, a page called Best IT Tips on Facebook I am more likely to get followers, shares and engagement and then I can use this to build my own brand. Watch this space![/box][box type=”bio”] There are a plethora of tools out there to assist you in creating content and making your posts look fantastic. Take advantage of tools like Canva, PicMonkey and WordSwag to make the most of your posts.[/box]