Tips for using social media when you are at an event

image of iPhone taking video of a meeting

Within the next couple of weeks myself and a lot of other local businesses  have one of the biggest events of the year with the 2018 Altitude Awards. This will be a great opportunity to promote your business as well as share the accomplishments of friends and colleagues. With everyone dressed up to the nines there will be some awesome photo opportunities but this is not the night to realise you don’t know how to post properly or how to tag others in your photos.

Practice Practice Practice before the night so there are not stuff ups.

This is a huge night for the organisers, the venue, the sponsors and all businesses that are nominated and those who win. Social media is going to be the best way to promote all involved.

Some basics:

  • make sure your phone is charged and bring along a portable power pack if you think you will take lots of photos
  • learn easy ways to take photos – for example the volume button works to take a shot on many phones
  • want more than basic settings? use an app such as VSCO which takes incredibly professional shots – just learn to use it well before the event

Post from your page and then share on your personal profile

Whilst is is sometimes more intuitive to post from your personal profile, when you are at an event it is often a better idea to post from your page. One of the best ways to do this is to create an album and add all the photos you take into this album. That way they are nice and contained and you won’t be bothering your audience with multiple single posts throughout the event. One of the great advantages of sharing photos and posts on your page is that they are automatically public and can then be shared by you, the people you tag or anyone else who thinks you’ve taken a great shot.

Once you have them on your page you can share them to your own profile, to any relevant groups you are part of as well as sharing them as messages to friends.

Make sure you tag all relevant people and organisations in your photos

Tagging can be a pain in the butt, especially on mobile devices. I recommend using the Facebook pages app and this should allow you to tag all relevant businesses in a photo. Familiarise yourself before the event with who you might be sitting near, any important event sponsors as well as the correct name of the organisers and the venue. Here is a short video tutorial on tagging using the Facebook Pages app.

Find out what hashtags are being used to promote the event and then use these on all posts

Hashtags are a great way for venues, organisers and other organisations to look at the conversations taking place around an event. Find out what ones are being used and add them to all posts in Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

These are just 3 simple techniques you can use to make sure you are doing your bit to promote the event you are at.