I love productivity apps – I really do. I have experimented with most of them and some have worked for me at the time but ultimately haven’t suited my long term goals. There have been others that were just outright failures from the start, not delivering on the promises they made and making my life more complicated. Finally, there are the ones that you think will stick with you for life.

I thought it was time for a quick run-down on the apps I am currently using, how they interact and why I love them so.





I tried to break up with todoist – but I failed and recently resubscribed to get the most out of this incredible to-do app. It is flexible, available on every platform and browser I use, has a dedicated email address that I can choose to share if others need to add things to my list, lets me sort and filter using projects, labels and more. And the best feature? It tells me how great I am doing when I tick off a whole bunch of tasks ?





My favourite project manager app (I know a lot of you use Asana and that is OK as well) that gives me the big picture overview of a project and lets me break that down into as many small and manageable pieces that I need. The beauty of Trello and others if it’s ilk is that you can share a board with others, all collaborate and see where everyone is at. It saves a lot of random emailing which is always a bonus.





These two belong together, at least they do for me. As a sole trader I have dabbled in Slack over the years, mainly when I was working in committees or in groups that needed to communicate quickly and often. It is a great platform for teams, allowing all of your communications to exist in one place. You can search all communications at once – a far cry from manually going through emails, texts, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger etc to find out where the information is stored. It’s easy to share files and can integrate with cloud storage as well.

But integrating it with a Wiki like Guru changes the whole ball game. What’s a wiki I hear you ask? It is a collaborative website, most often used in business by people wanting to structure their in-house information in a way that is easy to understand, update and search.

Guru is a wiki platform that integrates with Slack. This means I can have all my policies, procedures, best practice, tutorials etc stored in Guru and when I need information or want to direct a colleague to the right process I can search in Slack, pull up the information and it is there for the whole team to see.

Slack also integrates with Todoist, Trello, Asana, Google Apps, and hundreds more. The customisations are really quite amazing.





For all those other bits and pieces such as conversation notes, detailed planning, book notes, scribbles, doodles and more -OneNote is key. With the ability to create multiple notebooks for different ideas, the audio sync feature (see here for details), handwriting recognition, copy text from pictures – it really is incredible.



So that is my round up – no guarantees I won’t change my mind before the end of the day but the combination of these apps is working for me now. What apps are you using that have changed the way you work?