5 ways to increase productivity using technology

A huge part of staying productive is ease of access. You need to know where your important information is, and the easiest way to obtain it. Ideally, you also need it to stay out of the way when it’s not required.

Here are 5 new tools or habits I encourage you to implement to get technology back on the good side of productivity – hopefully giving you more time to work on the parts of your business you enjoy. 

Boomerang for Gmail

An extension or app that allows you to have more control over emails that enter and leave your inbox. It includes the following great features:

  • Inbox Pause: Inbox Pause stops new email from coming into your Inbox until you’re ready for it. 
  • Follow Up: Give you a reminder if you don’t get a reply after a certain amount of hours/days. 
  • Reminders: You don’t have time to respond now but don’t want to forget to respond later? Boomerang an email out of your inbox and have it return later on.

Use your voice

An average typist can type between 40-50 words per minute. Use of voice-to-text software can increase this drastically.  On your smartphone you can use voice to text wherever you would normally type.  On an iPhone look out for the microphone next to the spacebar.  On an android phone the microphone icon will appear above the keyboard. 

Automate, Automate, Automate

Automation is one of the biggest game changers to enhance your productivity. Using products like IFTTT, Xapier, and Microsoft Flow can allow you to automate the repetitive tasks that take up too much of your day.

Don’t use a tool that only exists in one location 

If an app only exists on your laptop for example, you are greatly decreasing the usability of that app. Try and find programs that natively work across all of the devices that you use. Failing that, check to see if programs like Xapier will allow you to easily move information, data, and other items from one device to another.

Embrace the cloud

If you haven’t already, become a dedicated user of cloud services. You will always have access to your data when you need it and be able to work from any device. Just be sure to take advantage of available security features such as two-factor authentication.